The Heart of a Solar Energy System

Solar Hybrid Inverters

At Eirsun, we understand that every solar energy system is unique, and we offer a range of Solar Hybrid Inverters that are designed to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our Solar Hybrid Inverters are ideal for a range of solar applications, including residential rooftops, commercial rooftops, and agricultural ground mounts.

Residential Rooftops for Hybrid Inverters

For Residential rooftops, our Solar Hybrid Inverters are designed to provide efficient and reliable power conversion, making them an excellent choice for powering homes. They are also designed to integrate seamlessly with our Full Black Mono Half Cut Module solar panels, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

Commercial Rooftop for Hybrid Inverters

Our Commercial rooftop Solar Hybrid Inverters are designed to handle the higher energy demands of commercial buildings. They offer high-efficiency power conversion and are built to withstand the rigors of commercial use.

Save Money, Save Environment!

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Agricultural Ground Mount Applications

Agricultural ground mount applications, our Mono Half Cut Bi-Facial Module solar panels are combined with our Solar Hybrid Inverters to create an efficient and reliable solar energy system. Our inverters are designed to handle the unique demands of agricultural settings and provide reliable power conversion for irrigation systems, equipment, and other farm operations.

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