Solar Project Flow

Eirsun is committed to providing its clients with a hassle-free solar project experience and helping them to achieve their energy goals.

Eirsun provides a seamless experience to its clients from the initial inquiry to the completion and handover of the solar project. We ensure to understand our client’s energy needs and provide them with a customized solution that best fits their requirements.

To understand the energy demands, our team of experts does an energy assessment. A site survey is also conducted to assess the feasibility of the solar system and design a system that is tailored to your specific needs. After a customized solution is developed, you will be provided with a detailed proposal and quotation and our team will work with you to confirm the final design. Planning permission is the responsibility of the property owner. If required, we can assist in the process.

Our experienced team will handle procurement and installation, and we will conduct quality control, and inspection to ensure that your solar project is installed correctly, and functioning at maximum efficiency. Finally, during project handover training is provided to ensure that you are familiar with your new solar system and how to maintain it properly.

Lastly if required, we provide monitoring and maintenance services to ensure that your solar project continues to function optimally for years to come.


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“We at Eirsun, constantly strive to provide our customers with a customized solution that helps them seamlessly migrate to Solar Power.”
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